Traineejahrgang Fink & Fuchs 2021

Next trainee class at Fink & Fuchs in onboarding: Six female employees start in three different profiles

The communications agency Fink & Fuchs in Wiesbaden kicked off its new 2021 trainee class with six female university graduates in April. A structured qualification plan lays the foundation for a position as a consultant at Fink & Fuchs. The profiles are differentiated even further during daily on-the-job training: basic communications consulting, digital marketing and copywriting.

The 13-month further qualification program is supplemented by internships in the agency’s internal areas of expertise: media relations, digital media, film production, copywriting and creation/design.

Throughout the entire traineeship, the objective is to gain both technical and methodological practical experience quickly through a steadily growing range of responsibilities with the help of mentors, and to apply the knowledge gained in theory directly to their professional practice. An extensive accompanying training program imparts all of the necessary skills on the way to becoming a successful consultant. Their mentors are on hand to provide coaching and feedback, and with their support they are seamlessly integrated into the respective client teams.

Skilled job profile as a personal challenge and goal

All of the trainees bring along the prerequisites to become communications experts due to their studies and practical experience. Franziska Blum (25), Elisabeth Gaertner (27), Michelle Morsume (25), Johanna Hecht (27), Dilara Gecer (26) and Vanessa Zauner (30) have gained a wide range of experience in journalism and communications, business administration, marketing, law, multimedia design and creative direction. During their further training to become communications consultants at Fink & Fuchs, the trainees will learn that personal and social skills, as well as strong self-reflection, are what lead to success, in addition to professional know-how. “We see our traineeship as a leadership program. We train leadership in three directions: clients, the account team and for oneself, all with the goal of advancing communication for our clients. Being able to come up with ideas, present them convincingly, and implement them effectively are necessary foundations for this,” explains Alexandra Groß, CEO of Fink & Fuchs. “Our diverse training program that includes bother internal and external trainers reflects this.”

To rethink communication has been the core competence of Fink & Fuchs for more than 30 years. For more than 25 years, the agency has relied on professional in-house training of junior communications staff. Fink & Fuchs stands for the extensive qualification program of the Wiesbaden-based communication experts.For more information on the Fink & Fuchs trainee program, click here.


Picture from left to right: Elisabeth Gaertner, Franziska Blum, Michelle Morsume, Johanna Hecht, Vanessa Zauner, Dilara Gecer