Final Study Social Media Governance – the delphi results

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Social-Media-Governance-Delphi-Report2012-Cover-BildThe study “Social Media Delphi 2012“ combines a survey of 860 communications professionals who work for companies, governmental institutions, associations and non-profit organizations with a two-stage Delphi Survey of 32 leading experts from the world of business and academia, both in Germany. Well-known organizations like BASF, BITKOM, Deutsche Post DHL, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Greenpeace and Puma took part in it.

The results show that social media communications in Germany has established itself less quickly and that the necessary parameters have been installed more slowly than those responsible for communications had broadly projected. Nevertheless, if we look at how it has progressed over time, we see that there has been a constant development process.

Social Media Governance – highly relevant, yet many obstacles

The project concluded the three year study series “Social Media Governance,” a joint project of the University of Leipzig, Fink & Fuchs Public Relations (Wiesbaden) and the ”pressesprecher” magazine (Berlin). In addition to providing results on the status quo, the 60-page study report includes statements on trends and recommendations on practical courses of action.

The 60-page report on the results that also includes many helpful illustrations is only available in German and can be ordered as PDF oder printed booklet. Continue reading


Delphi-Study Social Media Governance 2012 released

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Social Media Communications in Corporations and Organizations: Larger budgets, more management support, yet still little evaluation

Corporations and other organizations in Germany are handling the topic of social media communications more and more strategically. Most have moved beyond the experimentation stage. The learning processes of the past few years has led to increased investments in overall organizational structures. This is one of the key results identified by the nationwide study Social Media Governance 2012 (Delphi) in Germany, for which 860 communications professionals working in companies, governmental institutions, associations and non-profit organizations were surveyed by the University of Leipzig.

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The joint project with Fink & Fuchs Public Relations (Wiesbaden) and the professional magazine “pressesprecher” (Berlin) was conducted for the third time in a row and can therefore be used to show developments over time. The quantitative findings reported here will be subsequently condensed into future outlooks for social media communications by an expert panels of intellectual leaders from the media, business and science. Continue reading