Fink & Fuchs expands its expertise in brand communication

Jens Issel Personalmeldung crossmedia MarketingFink & Fuchs is expanding its management team by hiring Jens Issel. As Director, Issel will be responsible for strategic brand communication and cross-media positioning of the agency’s clients. Previously, the expert on communication and digital marketing was employed by the international network agencies Edelman and Text100. At Text100, he worked to establish and further develop the digital unit, and at Edelman.ergo, he was responsible for strengthening the integrated customer business at the Munich office.

“The boundaries between PR, marketing and advertising are blurring, and companies are reacting by increasingly tearing down their structural silos. Accordingly, we are seeing stronger demand for cross-media brand communication and positioning. Jens Issel has already successfully positioned consumer brands in the past and will use this expertise to support the expansion of our diverse customer portfolio,” said Alexandra Groß, Chairwoman of Fink & Fuchs.