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Alexandra Groß named Chairwoman of the Board of Fink & Fuchs

Next step in strategic agency development

At the turn of the year, Alexandra Groß will step into the role of Chairwoman of Fink & Fuchs AG. The responsibilities of her new position will span the overall management and strategic development of the communications agency with offices in Wiesbaden, Berlin and Munich.

Groß has been with Fink & Fuchs since 1999 and has been a member of the Management Board since 2011. She has also been a Partner at the agency since 2017. Outgoing Chairman and agency co-founder Stephan Fink will maintain his seat on the Management Board and be responsible for the agency’s CSR commitments, generational change management and select client mandates. The agency’s top management is completed by Michael Grupe, who has also been with Fink & Fuchs for 20 years, since 2011 as Partner and a member of the Management Board. This change in management marks the next milestone in the Wiesbaden-based company’s ongoing strategic development towards becoming a 360° communications agency.

Alexandra Groß is also a member of the Executive Board of GPRA (Society of Leading PR and Communication Agencies in Germany). Her involvement includes training, university cooperation and consulting certification.

Long-term, sustainable agency development

 This transition represents the next step in the strategic change process that began in 2011 alongside Fink & Fuchs’ commitment to generational change. “It was important for us to design both the restructuring of the agency and the transfer of responsibility as development processes with long-term planning,” says agency co-founder Stephan Fink. “Our future Chairwoman has been at the heart of restructuring in the last years. She and Michael Grupe have steered the company back to growth by assuming Management Board responsibilities and establishing the central pillars of our path from a PR agency to a 360° communications agency. This change at the top is just the next logical step.”

“I know many founders find it difficult to relinquish creative sovereignty. But for future-oriented companies, success hinges on passing on responsibility. We at Fink & Fuchs have achieved this with remarkable professionalism. The trust our founders and shareholders place in us is both an honor and a challenge. I see Fink & Fuchs well positioned for a future world of rapidly changing communications demands,” says Alexandra Groß. “With our agile structures, our integrated, methodical consulting approach and our company culture, we give our clients and employees the right answers and reimagine communication.”

The last few years have seen Fink & Fuchs undergo a necessary change process to adapt to new market demands for communication services and to align the agency for the future. This included restructuring firmly defined teams towards cross-site agility, new certified HR approaches to increase employee flexibility and a targeted expansion of the service and consulting portfolio.

The company now offers its clients strategic consulting in corporate communications, product and brand communication and employer communication as well as a broad, scalable service portfolio from executing major campaigns to specific creative action in print, online, audio, TV, digital relations, advertising, trend research, major events and more.