Fink & Fuchs and the European Communication Monitor

Thinking communication ahead as Digital Communications Partner of the European Communication Monitor

In dynamic times, orientation and trust are important levers für achieving goals and sustainable success. As a specialist for communication of innovations and technology driven change, we have been the strategic partner for companies, associations and public sector for almost 35 years. We support our clients on brand positioning, reputation management and storytelling.

As a certified agency we have the claim to think outside the box and measure our competencies against current quality standards. The cooperation with partners in science, trends and research, such as the KI Bundesverband, the University of Leipzig and others helps us to comply with this claim.

In doing so, we focus on topics that shape our (communication) society over the next 10 years such as Artificial Intelligence and Web 3.0.

If you have any communication concerns or challenges, our team will be happy to assist you!


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