Fink & Fuchs and the European Communication Monitor

Fink & Fuchs and the European Communication Monitor

Welcome @Fink&Fuchs,

We are pleased that you came to our website via the European Communication Monitor.  Here you will find all information about the communications agency Fink & Fuchs, our services or our customers/references.

If you have any questions, please call us at +49-611-74131-0 or send us an e-mail to We look forward to the conversation with you.


If you would like to know why we are actually involved in the European Communication Monitor ?

For 15 years we have been supporting a wide variety of research projects with active participation, money and ideas. These include multi-year studies on innovation communication, communication in medium-sized businesses, social media governance, employer branding  or on content marketing, which we have carried out with leading research institutions such as the Institute for Communication and Media Studies at the University of Leipzig or the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.

We do this on the one hand as part of our good citizenship commitment to support research and education and on the other hand through the exchange with researchers to continuously strengthen our consulting approach and the steady further development of our communications agency.

Based on our very good experiences in the past, we decided at the beginning of 2018 to support the European Communication Monitor, the world’s largest study on strategic communication and communication management, on a long-term basis, with our commitment.

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Stephan Fink

Co-Founder and Member of the Board